My name is Mark Alex Vogt and I’m a filmmaker from Louisville, Kentucky. 

I’m currently a sophomore film student at the Savannah College of Art and Design and a 3 time national, 9 time regional Student Emmy Winner. Most of all, I’m a storyteller. I have a passion for creating content that evokes emotion and leaves a lasting impact.

My father showed me STAR WARS when I was two years old. I watched it from his lap on our old living room TV (then a few more dozen times after that while growing up). A small interview segment with Leonard Maltin and George Lucas would play just before the VHS films would actually begin. My father never skipped it and was very clear about who that man was, and what he did. That must’ve done something weird to my brain because I now can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t know what a filmmaker was or what they did. Since that, I’ve had my dream career.

I always told people I would make movies, but I didn’t actually start until the 5th grade. Throughout middle school I would make cool action shorts with my friends in our backyard, I would film friends and family members’ weddings, I would review toys to a camera in my room, etc. However it wasn’t until I made a video for my Aunt’s rehearsal dinner that I realized I could actually make people emotional. That thought amazed me. I was so infatuated with the fact that I could make people cry using only moving pictures and music. So, that’s when I got serious. 

I went to High School and met like-minded people. I led a team of over 50 students to create quality freelance content. The profits we made from freelance work would fund our narrative ventures. About half way into this, we realized it was growing rapidly and gaining steam— so we made it official. MAV Films, LLC created dozens of short films and even more corporate content over our four years in school. It was my responsibility to write, produce and direct these projects with a team of ambitious 17 year olds. As a Junior still taking Algebra 2, I was the CEO of a company with my work nominated in every category for two years straight at our regional student Emmys by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The hard work and long nights earned us over nine regional and three national student Emmys, two Telly Awards, a Cinematic Arts Win from the YoungArts foundation, and several other festival accolades. Through MAV Films, I learned how to lead teams on projects, time manage effectively, and communicate my ideas and vision clearly to other collaborators.

I interned as an in-house content creator at Galen College of Nursing. There it was my responsibility to produce content from the ground up with a limited budget and a tight deadline. I was responsible for making sure everything was ready by the time we started shooting, to the time the final file was delivered. This job taught me everything from interdepartmental communication skills and meeting deadlines, to organizational software and budget constraints.

I left home to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design where I would eventually meet another team of talented creatives and make great content. After four months of studying and making content, our small freshmen team was asked to helm the school’s first original narrative television series. I signed on to direct the first episode and produce the rest of the five episode season. We wrapped production on the pilot this past fall and the university sent our team to Hong Kong to create another original piece of content for the school in December.

I’m constantly looking for ways to learn more and better myself as a creator, producer, and leader. I will always push myself to make better content that evokes emotion and inspires others. I guess I owe it all to George Lucas and the Star Wars saga for making me fall in love with this powerful craft that drives me every day.

May the force be with you!

-Mark Alex Vogt