Impairable is a short film that I wrote and directed during my first quarter at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The film was produced by Shayain Lakhani and shot by Tristan Kim starring Jackson Beard, April Consalo, and Chloe Seyer. The film just recently finished a very successful festival run with multiple wins. More information to come soon.

Loose Ends is a film that was created in the summer of 2016. Most of our production team had worked together all throughout high school and we were all getting ready to move away for college. We decided to take a month to create one last project together as a team. The production turned out to be a reunion of sorts and we had a blast making this. The film stars Evan Simms, Maiki Tanaka, Mike Atchley, Andrew Bailey, and Alex Amaya.

East Point is a post-apocalyptic film that I co-wrote and directed in 2015. This story was the continuation of Echo Trail which premiere just 5 months before production began. The film was a massive 6 month student film effort by over 50 high school students from Kentucky. It was premiered at Carmike Cinemas and sold out four public showings. I co-wrote the film with Kyle Fitzgerald and it was shot by Callaway Stivers. The film stars Kyle Fitzgerald, Renner Clements, Rachel Walker, Josh Hensel, Rosie Bartley, Conner Ledington and Natalie Dahlem.

Maverick was a short film created for my college applications in the fall of 2015. The prompt asked me to describe myself using one word in a video. I chose the word Maverick because it can be a symbol for a person who does something different. The film stars John Cromer, Landis Helwig, Laura Yoder, Natalie Dahlem, Madison Jutz, Spencer Davis, and Brian O'Neil. I created this film with the generous help of my friend and co worker, Kyle Fitzgerald.

Between the Lines is a short film directed by Rachel Walker for a school project. She asked me to help her with a school project and we ended up making something larger than we expected. I chose to shoot the short in an experimental style to match the tone of the piece she was reading. The short stars Rachel Walker and Conner Ledington.

Philia is a short film that I wrote and directed at The Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts in 2015. The film was created over the three week course using available locations and materials. I was in the division of New Media and we worked closely with the performing arts dept. to cast the film. The film was shot by Jeremy Shaefer and stars Erik Moth, Catherine Young and Mike Fitzer.

Echo Trail was my first attempt at a large scale student made short in 2014. The film evolved from a 60 second test to a 30 minute short film that premiered in 2015. For much of our current crew, this was the introduction to MAV Films. This film set the bar for our projects that would happen over the next year. I co wrote the film with longtime friend, Kyle Fitzgerald. We would later create the sequel to this story just 5 months later. Echo Trail stars Kyle Fitzgerald and Rachel Walker.

A New Way to Learn was the first major short I created in high school. The film was created in the winter of 2013 for the first annual White House Student Film Festival. I co-shot the film with my friend Jake Allgeier. The film ended up winning several awards including a bronze Telly and a finalist place in the white house film festival.