Odyssey: A Star Wars Story is a magnified look at the soldiers that made up the rebel alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Five Years before the events of A New Hope, Quinn Kiner, a member of Odyssey squadron, sets out on a reconnaissance mission to the Imperial Occupied Moon of Anjek. They must personally deliver a message to a rebel contact while evading the empire’s forces. Given they were strictly ordered not to interfere with civilian affairs, Quinn must make a decision that could threaten the lives of his comrades.


This short film will showcase the conflicts and struggles that are universal to any war story. It is a matter of what you want to fight for, and what you are willing to risk for the cause. Instead of rebel soldiers being dispensable characters on the screen, we want you to care when these men and women are at risk. We want to show you the humanity and fear in the fight against the empire. This film will be a Star Wars story like no other.

Odyssey is set to be shot in October of 2017 on the shores of Jekyll Island, GA. We will be building two full scale 360º sets throughout the fall and wrapping production when we shoot on a sound stage in January of 2018. The film will be complete in the spring of 2018.

Why A Star Wars Story?

The Star Wars saga has inspired generations of young filmmakers. Our team was no exception. The purpose for this project is to give back to a saga and community of fans that have inspired us to keep creating. We always wondered what a war film would look like in the Star Wars universe. We answered the question by deciding that we would make a short film to show just what we thought it would be like.

These films are based on many principle themes and elements. Our challenge is to merge those classic Star Wars elements with a new and unique take on the classic war genre. To quote Rogue One director Gareth Edwards “If you’re too respectful of it, that you don’t do anything new or take a risk, then what are you bringing to the table?” That mentality is our guideline for the creation of this film. We all love the movies because it’s what we grew up with, but it’s our responsibility to show you something new and a view from a different perspective.

The Cost of a War Film

We need your help to bring this film to life. Star Wars movies are expensive ventures. With the two most recent[star wars] films costing between 200-300 million each to make, we see that the franchise has a lot of money to do what they want. As students it is our mission to create the maximum level of content we can with as little funds necessary.

For Odyssey: A Star Wars Story, we want to create something you’ve never seen before. To create this large scale war short, we have structured our budget tobe cost effectiveand maximize the quality of the film. 

We are able to borrow, repurpose, and scrounge for many aspects of production, but some, such as production design elements, have to be fabricated from scratch. For this film we are building a full 360º practical set on a sound stage. Also, since we do not have ILM special effects at our disposal, we are choosing to shoot this film as in-camera as possible. This means that we will be using many of the classic practical techniques that brought the original trilogy of films to life.

Without you, this film isn't possible. Join us on this filmmaking journey! We will be sharing the process with you all every step of the way. Please consider making a donation to help us create this film. Anything can help!

We are willing to put it all on the line for our Star Wars story. As a team we believe we might not ever get another chance to make a film like this. We want to create the best possible Star Wars film we can and have an amazing time through the process.

Meet the Team

We are a collaborative group of film and production students from Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD) inGeorgia. We all come from different backgrounds but our love for the filmmaking process is a constant. In January we set up shop in a storage facility to convert two large units into production offices. This has become our second home as we work to ensure that this film and the content we create are the best they can be. We are filmmakers andStar Wars fans dedicated to bringing you a new and exciting take on the franchise!

Concept Art by James Rinere

Meet the Team!